clean ecologies

valuing / pollution / multispecies
 University of Amsterdam [postdoc)

Currently, I work at the Anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam where I explore clean ecologies with prof. dr. Annemarie Mol in two projects.

As part of an ethnography of a 'clean' park I explore how an Amsterdam city park is kept clean on a daily basis by and among the park visitors, the flora and fauna, and park infrastructure. Which variants of 'clean' and 'dirt' emerge in this process, and how these are dealt with, are some of the questions guiding this research project.

Another project I contribute to has to do with the adaptation of a wastewater treatment prototype implemented for experimental use in an ecovillage in the Netherlands. The prototype is designed to clean domestic waste water by recovering nutrients (phosphate, nitrogen, potassium) and microelements (cobalt, iron, etc.) on the one hand; and removing micro-pollutants (pharmaceuticals and hormones) and human pathogens (bacteria, viruses) on the other hand. The prototype does so by making use of anaerobic bacteria and microalgae. With the project we aim to find out what would be ‘good’ solutions for the various technical and social problems in making this system work in such a way that it fulfills its eco-technological promise of cleaning domestic waste water.



De Wilde, M., W. Koopman & A. Mol (2020) Clean in Times of Covid-19: on Hygiene and Pollution. Somatosphere.

working papers

De Wilde, M. & F. Smits (nd) Knowing with algae: on the maintenance of a multispecies prototype. Paper presented at the EASST/4S Conference, Prague, 18-21 August 2020

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